1. Budget Boss automatically predicts your balance in the future and graphs it for you.

  2. This unique cash-flow visualization is useful for short-term balance predictions and keeps you aware of upcoming payments, while the long trends show your savings potential.

  3. The Balance Outlook page graphs your predicted balance and displays pending transactions.  Your Budget Summary allows you to compare elements and view your margin.


Powerful, intuitive budget planning software for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

  1. The intuitive interface makes it easy to define your income and expenses and schedule their transaction dates and frequencies. Organize them with the pre-defined categories, or create custom categories as desired.

  2. Quickly define as many income and expenses as you need. Budget Boss is designed to be flexible to your needs - it’s up to you whether you want to specify every little detail in your life or model your budget more generally. 

    The Budget Elements page organizes your budget model.  Elements can be sorted alphabetically, by value or by frequency.

With Budget Boss, you can create your budget model in minutes.

Powerful visualization tools give you a complete budget picture.

Budget Boss

Budget Boss helps you track how well you follow your budget

  1. Budget Boss uses your budget model to predict your balance every day. Manual adjustments to your balance can be made at any time whenever you stray from your budget. These adjustments are saved to help you track how well you are following your budget or to identify any expenses your forgot about.

Set goals for savings or paying debt with the calculator tool

  1. Budget Boss includes a handy Calculator that can help you figure out your savings and debt payoff plans.

    Calculate your savings potential years into the future, or you can predict how long until debt is paid off.

Finnoggin and Budget Boss artwork by
Charles Park Media, www.cparkmedia.com

The Adjustments History page displays all your past adjustments.  Rotate the device to display graphs in full-screen view.

Budget Boss by Finnoggin LLC